Over the past more than ten years I build (from 2002 on) many websites and put them online. Most of them do not exist anymore. Especially in recent years, it has become quite calm here, because the administrative burden on the content, the updates of the CMS software and the webserver was sometimes a little too much while I was studying. Moreover, with the advent of social networks such as StudiVZ, Lokalisten or Facebook much private communication and information was shifted to them, so that especially private sites became increasingly superfluous. Nevertheless, I re-activate some websites at the moment, but this means partly rather to renew them from scratch. Below I have listed some private websites that are still online, have been put online again or soon will be put online again.

The website is my private website since 2003, which mainly contains private information about me. After this website had gone through three redesigns in the years 2003 to 2006, now is the fourth version of is online. Also this design is based on a self-created HTML template, of course. The landscape, which is visible on every page, I have photographed in August 2005 in New Zealand by myself. This is a part of Lake Wakatipu between Queenstown and Glenorchy, looking to Glenorchy / Paradise or in the direction of the mouth of the Dart River. The content management system that provides this website is Typo3.

The website is my oldest website. I have created it in February 2002 in order to published information on my then newly constructed small recording studio "Starlight Studio". In the initial phase I used this website also as a private website. Today, it includes more general information about the studio and on services. The current design is already the third design of this website. As a content management system Typo3 is used here. The design was made by me, of course.

*** This website is currently still offline! ***

On the website I publish since 2004 general information on mobile technologies, the German (and now also the Austrian and New Zealand) mobile networks, as well as lists of base stations and radio cells, that are only accessible by specific users. Again, the current design is the third and also Typo3 is used as a content management system. The design is also made by me.

*** This website is currently still offline! ***

On I publish information about my worldwide stationed webservers, more precisely only those under the domain, as well as associated services. According to the previous domains, under which my servers were accessible, this website has had two previous sites, namely and As a content management system Typo3 is used here. The design was done by me.

*** This website is currently still offline! ***

On I publish some recommendations for nice, quiet and even "mystical" places or landscapes as well as other mystical things since 2011. As a content management system, WordPress is used here. Of course the website was designed by myself and the background photo is also from me. On the (merged) background photo is a part of the valley behind the mountain Falkenstein at Inzell to see and to its right the castle ruin Karlstein.

Very old websites that I don't supervise anymore:

Berlinfahrt-Website (

The Berlin travel site I created in the summer of 2002. It includes information and photos of Berlin trip of the eleventh classes of Rottmayr Gymnasium Laufen in 2002. As I only had simple free web space for this website in those days, this site consists only of HTML documents and is designed generally quite simple. This website is not maintained anymore since the end of 2002.

Erdkunde-Kursfahrt-Website (

The geography course trip website was launched in summer 2003 by a classmate and me about a trip of our geography advanced course - a bike tour in Friuli / Italy - and includes information and photos of and about this trip. Since the website was created in a very short time and we had only very simple web space for this website, this site is also build very simple and consists of only HTML.




All these websites are just like the email-system and the domain name servers provided by the webservers of the SK-network working under the domains and

Under there are web servers located in Nuremberg (Germany), Falkenstein (Germany) and Auckland (New Zealand). Under there are web servers located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Auckland (New Zealand), Nuremberg (Germany), Paris (France) and Roubaix (France).

For more information on the web servers of the SK-Network see the section "SK-Network".